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Duchess Crown

The Siltech Royal Signature Duchess Crown headphone cable construction and materials:

  • Flexible Star Quad configuration cable where one pair is used for the left and one pair for the right channel.
  • Each bundle has 18 high purity mono crystal silver wires and one aramid fibre.
  • Each stranded wire bundle has a DuPont Teflon jacketing and multifibre surface protection.
  • Impedance 0.08 Ohm/m

The Duchess Crown is available with Stereo Jack 6.35, HD-800, 2x XLR male, Stereo-Jack 6.35, Mini XLR fem. 4p, 2x XLR-M Furutech CF-601MR Carbon connectors. 


Neutrik XLR (Nickel) Stereo-Jack Mini-Jack XLR Furutech CF-601MR Carbon HD800

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