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Siltech Triple Crown power

The essence of power cables

Power cables have an unexpected big audible effect on the reproduction of music. All too often these effects are negative ones and simply degrade your music.
But how do power cables cause such audible degradations? Magnetic leakages cause distortion in particular frequency ranges, these are picked up by all connected electronics and other (interconnect) cables nearby and as such induce small distorted currents which are unrelated to the music but do effect it.
Furthermore, those distorted currents can be very high and cause saturation in many power cords resulting into audible distortion at these peak currents.
These currents cause harmonics at multiples of the mains frequency.The strongest effect is from 100/120Hz-450/500Hz harmonics.

Siltech top engineers have much experience with 3D magnetic field analysis and use dedicated programs to visualize leaking fields. To develop the Triple Crown power cables, very advanced Multiphysics software (COMSOLtm) and measuring equipment by FW Bell (3D Gauss) and Audio Precision (THD) was used. FW Bell ultra-sensitive gauss meters are used in the development of hard-disk magnetic heads and therefor ideal to help reach our goals. These goals are the extreme high levels of power integrity, leading to an astonishing subjective performance.
The elimination of harshness, complete lack of induced distortion and subsequent bass stability create a new ultra-realistic feel to the music.

The Triple Crown power cable’s special grounding even removes the need for ground lifting, often done by audiophiles to improve the sound.
A one-stop product for digital, analog, tube or semiconductor equipment?

Digital amplifiers or amplifiers with switch mode power supplies have very different effects than electronics with analog power supplies.
Tube power amplifiers often use a choke coil in their power supply and have yet other needs. The Siltech Triple Crown cable is balanced for both switching (digital) and
non-switching (analog) loads which means that over a very large operating area magnetic interference with other nearby cables or electronics is minimized over an extreme wide frequency and current range. To make a universal flawless power cable, the EMC suppression and stability under load has to be suitable for every purpose, low or very high power, digital and analog.
We believe we have achieved the goal set by our high engineering standards.

Construction details:

- Unique 7 heavy core S8 mono crystal silver conductors.

- Stabilized air core insulation.

- Spatial balanced for perfect EMC cancelling behavior over an extreme frequency range.

- Ultra-stable operation even under high current demand.

- Bending the cable does not alter its unique distortion-free properties.

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