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Special offer from Siltech at Munich's Highend!

Publish date: 2016-05-03

Siltech has a special offer, excluively for its visitors at this year's Highend show in Munich....the Siltech Burn-in machine! So stop by at room E229 at the Atrium 4.2 and learn more!

It has long been recognised that cables settle or form once they are in a system, their performance improving once you start running signal through them. What most people don’t recognise is how long this process takes or that it needs to be repeated on any cables that are removed from the system and especially any cables that are transported. The Siltech Burn-In Machine has been specially developed to speed this process, allowing you to condition cables before they are inserted (or reinserted) into the system, allowing them to deliver maximum musical performance right from the word go. 

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