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Decentralization of advanced technologies will be one of the new directions of the future

Effective October 1, 2019, Richcoln Company Limited officially becomes the exclusive distributor of Siltech in China (including Hong Kong and Macau) and is fully responsible for the marketing, sales and related after-sales service of the brand in China (including Hong Kong and Macau). Therefore, at the recently concluded Guangzhou Audio Expo, Siltech’s full range of products were rightfully displayed in Richoln’s exhibition room, where the 35th anniversary series of cables were paired with top-notch equipment from Burmester and PMC for open sound demonstrations.

This is the first time that Richcoln has brought Siltech’s products to audiophiles and AV enthusiasts in the form of an exhibition. Home Theater Technology Magazine / HD AV China also took the opportunity to interview Robert Winterhoff, the current CEO of International Audio Holding (IAH), about Siltech’s products and promotion strategies.

Before revealing the specific content of the interview, it is necessary to briefly introduce Siltech to you.

As a highly regarded high-end cable brand, Siltech is synonymous with silver conductor technology – early on it focussed on producing sterling silver wire – which is warmer in tone, has better musicality, and better mechanical performance than other brands due to the inclusion of slow extrusion and slow cooling technology.

In 1998, Siltech’s third-generation G3 wire was introduced, adding 24K pure gold to the sterling silver conductor to fill in the gaps between the crystals, improving the smoothness of the signal flow and solving the problem of the silver conductor’s high-frequency range being prone to harsh sound, making Siltech famous in the high-end audio circle.

In 2008, Siltech released the G7 gold and silver wire with an unprecedented 9N (99.9999999%) purity and the Crown Series wires with an S8 mono-crystal silver core. “Mono-crystal silver” is another important conductor technology from Siltech. Mono-crystal silver has no gaps and, therefore, does not need to be filled, but it is costly and has previously only been used in Siltech’s top models, such as the flagship Triple Crown series.

Siltech's cables with Crown in their name, use mono-crystal silver conductors, such as the flagship Triple Crown series

In 2018, to celebrate the brand’s 35th anniversary, Siltech released its 35th anniversary line of cables, including three products, the Crown Princess Interconnects (RCA/XLR), Crown Prince Loudspeaker Cables and Crown Prince Power Cords. The first question we asked Robert Winterhoff at the Guangzhou show, where the series was an eye-catcher for Siltech, had to do with the technology and sales of the 35th anniversary line.

According to Robert Winterhoff, the 35th anniversary line is special in that it uses mono-crystal silver conductor that was previously only used in the top models, but at a relatively affordable price. It is this strategy of decentralizing high-end technology at affordable prices that has allowed the 35th Anniversary Line to not only be sold in more than 50 countries around the world, but also to be so popular that it has gone from limited production to standard production, becoming a very important product line for Siltech today.

At the same time, it also shows a new direction in Siltech’s future product development, which is that all Royal Signature lines will eventually feature a mono-crystal silver conductor.

All Royal Signature collections will eventually feature a monocrystal silver conductor

Referring to Siltech’s future sales plans, Robert Winterhoff believes that China is an increasingly large and important market and will be the world’s largest market in the future. When people’s standard of living increases, their enjoyment of music increases, and their level of music appreciation will also increase. To help translate and handle China-related matters, he has hired a lady in the Netherlands who understands Chinese and will be coming to China often in the future. Although no products designed for the Chinese market will be launched yet, Siltech’s new products will be released in China three months in advance through Richcoln in order to show their importance.

In addition, Robert Winterhoff also spoke of the first time he came to Richcoln’s company to discuss the collaboration. He brought a power cord with him, which fully demonstrated the benefits of Siltech and the amazing enhancement of the system’s sound envelope, which ultimately led to the collaboration. In his opinion, every piece of equipment in a sound system is important, but the wires that string them together are even more impossible to ignore, even the in-wall wires. If the wires are not good enough, the system is hardly at its best. And listening to music is like drinking wine, the best way to improve appreciation is to experience and feel more, listen to good equipment, good systems, good recordings.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Robert Winterhoff personally presented a special 40th anniversary CD to the media in attendance. Some of the tracks were played by Gabi Rynveld (wife of the founder of Siltech and founder of Crystal Cable) on a Steinway piano at a concert hall in Amsterdam, recorded with very special high-end and microphone cables from Siltech and Crystal Cable.

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