Siltech Zero Ohm Link Siltech Zero Ohm Link

Siltech Zero Ohm Link

Is a revolutionary add-on cable for every audio and video system.

What it will do for your sound system:

  • Lower noise.
  • Improved micro dynamics.
  • Improved dynamic range for sound and picture.
  • Improved Bass, Midrange and Treble.
  • Lowered audible and measured distortion.

It lowers distortion in an existing audio system without modifying the has a built in ultra high speed filter (>20GHz), ensuring perfect phase even at extreme frequencies.The Signature model contains a HPSRTM filter made of a pure 99,9999999% silver crystal.The ground wire of the Ruby and Diamond are high purity solid silver-gold of G7 technology.

Replace your original cable with the " Zero-Ohm-Link®" and plug your original cable back into the " Zero-Ohm-Link®" The original character of your cable will not change. The total sound quality will improve dramatically!

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