Triple Crown Power

As many would expect, Siltech’s flagship power cable is an engineering tour de force. It brings together our purest monocrystal silver conductors – in as thick a form as we can manufacture them – together with a sophisticated multicell dielectric and shielding package, and the finest connectors money can buy.

The cable was designed with using advanced Multiphysics software (COMSOL) and measuring equipment by FW Bell (3D Gauss) and Audio Precision (THD), with the aim of reducing distortion-causing magnetic leakage. It is balanced for optimum results with both switching and non-switching amplifiers, and minimises the effects of radio frequency, electromagnetic and mechanical interference.

The result is a power cable that gives the cleanest possible feed into your hi-fi equipment, with minimal external interference. The result is spectacularly natural and unsullied sound that has to be heard to be believed.


Metallurgy: Pure monocrystal silver
Construction: Siltech special multicell
Insulators: Kapton, Teflon & Wide-range shielding
Cores: 6

*other connectors are available. Please contact your local distributor for details.


Triple Crown is where Siltech’s very best metallurgy sees its ultimate expression. The largest diameter conductors ever used of our pure monocrystal silver, give exceptional conductivity and purity of sound. This is mated to the very best dielectric and shielding system – using Kapton, Teflon and Wide-range shielding in a special multicell weave, with an outer layer of ultra low density insulation. This confers superlative radio frequency, electromagnetic and mechanical vibration rejection, letting those superb conductors deliver their upmost.

Yet the Triple Crown series wouldn’t be complete without its special connectors. These are of unsurpassed quality, and a unique Siltech design with several patents pending. Naturally they use solid monocrystal silver contacts, which provide perfect material continuity through the cable and connector. Allied to this is a unique two-part asymmetrical design that self-centres and clamps the cable into our RCA or XLR plugs. This ensures an electrically optimal and mechanically robust connection. In turn, these plugs are of exceptionally low mass, so as not to store undue mechanical energy that can harm the sound.

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