Making history

Siltech is regarded as a purveyor of some of the finest hi-fi equipment in the world. That reputation did not come easily – it took decades of hard work and painstaking attention to detail, underpinned by rigorous scientific method and a commitment to excellence in all things. Add a touch of passion for music and you understand the story of Siltech.

The company was founded back in 1983 in Nijmegen – a two thousand year-old city thriving since Roman times in the Netherlands. From the start, Siltech invested heavily in research, which is something that continues to this day. Our focus was initially on researching the effects of different conductor, insulator and construction formulations, both on empirical and subjective performance. In other words, we wanted to find out what makes cables sound the way that they do.

It was soon clear that existing measurement techniques were unable to explain audible differences, so our engineers had to develop their own specialised equipment surpassing the standards of the day. The result was Siltech’s first generation (G1) pure silver conductor, which changed what many people thought was possible from an audio cable. It established our brand and showed how serious we were about making people’s systems sound better. We have never looked back.

Driving our development

Edwin van der Kley Rynveld acquired the company in 1992. As an electronics engineer with experience at the highest levels – in corporations such as Phillips and Exxon – he was able to further bolster our commitment to research and development, making better use of advanced measurement techniques. He also brought a better understanding of the wider hi-fi market, and the limitations of existing electronics and loudspeakers. Factor in his unprecedented passion for music and love of musical instruments, and you can understand his singular determination to create audio products combining technology, design and musicality.

Amplifiers and speakers

Siltech’s first amplifier was the legendary SEPA, a limited-edition tube-based design of exceptional technology and sound. This is much sought after by music lovers today at twice its original 1998 price. The next big project was the mighty Pantheon XXV loudspeaker system, a no-compromise product that redefined what was possible from the transducers of the time. These products proved the engineering depth and craftsmanship that the company possessed. Today the unique SAGA amplifier package and the Symphony loudspeaker system represent the state of our art, offering breathtaking sound quality to those fortunate enough to own them.

Working together with these leading-edge, statement products, Siltech’s cable range continues to evolve. Our latest metallurgy and dielectric materials, alongside innovative new construction techniques and our ultra precise manufacturing here in the Netherlands, continue to push boundaries forward and redefine what is ultimately possible in music reproduction.

In-house production

Siltech’s most important product is its factory and people. Without this unique high-end manufacturing and R&D resource, it would not be possible for us to keep challenging to be the world’s best. The accuracy that our processes demand, the ultra-tight tolerances we work with, and the forensic attention to detail we require, can only happen thanks to this dedicated production facility. Every aspect of production is done in-house to the very finest quality and detail possible.

Our purpose-designed and built factory combines manufacturing, warehousing, product design and development, alongside research laboratories and dedicated listening facilities. Naturally, the latest audio measurement tools are used, supporting our own designs and testing protocols. Siltech uses advanced computer-aided design packages, including finite element analysis and powerful software modelling – such as COMSOL Multiphysics for static and dynamic analysis.