One more time, Siltech has surpassed the boundaries of the audio technology and is presenting the revolutionary Master Crown. Engineered to deliver unbeatable performance and musicality.

For over four decades, Siltech has been synonymous with uncompromising quality and unmatched performance in the high end audio world. The Master Crown Series represents the apogee of our endless quest for perfection, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

It took almost a decade since our last flagship cable series, eventually discovering a new force affecting sonic performance. We immediately realised this is a level never heard before.


Every successor, every new Siltech model has to surpass the previous generation of cables by a wide margin. We believe it is the key reason for our long worldwide success story.

Master Crown is not a step, or an incremental improvement; it’s a huge breakthrough – it is superior to any other cable in each and every performance parameter, some of which are only revealed by the most advanced simulations and the most sensitive measurement apparatus in the world.

Welcome to a world where music comes alive in all its glory.
Welcome to the new Master.