Royal Crown Series

Crowning Siltech’s world of almost 40 years of ongoing research and development, our engineers succeeded in delivering performance approaching that of Siltech’s flagship Royal Triple Crown.

Successor to the iconic, much-loved, and multiple award-winning Royal Signature Series, the sonic results of the Royal Crown cables are spectacular – and unleash the full potential of great hi-fi systems.

This new series comes in three different versions: Royal Single Crown, Royal Double Crown, and the well-known Royal Triple Crown – the latter now included in and featured as the flagship of the Royal Crown Series.

Royal Crown Construction

All Royal Crown cables use our new Hexagon construction, previously only seen in Siltech’s flagship Royal Triple Crown Power cable. It allows for greater symmetry from every angle and more efficient wire handling for the lowest electromagnetic interference. Siltech’s dual-layer insulation of DuPont Kapton and Teflon combined with the Hexagon’s air insulation and wide-range shielding results in the lowest inductance and capacitance.

This new range consists of three models offering increasing levels of performance, musicality, and appearance: Royal Single Crown, Royal Double Crown, and the flagship Royal Triple Crown. All models have interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords, and there is a wide selection of digital interconnects available as well.

The Royal Crown cables are certainly bound to deliver noble and unforgettable listening experiences to all passionate music lovers.

S10 Monocrystal Silver.

Teflon/ Kapton & Air Insulation.

New 6-core Hexagon Construction for most efficient symmetric wire distribution.

Royal Crown Spotlight

S10 Monocrystal Silver

As befitting its ‘Cable Royalty’ status, the Crown version uses only Siltech’s pure S10 monocrystal silver wire as conductors, while the Double Crown and Royal Triple Crown even use only pure silver connectors.

Our newest S10 Monocrystal Silver is the pinnacle of our cable design and manufacturing. The Single continuous crystal metallurgy eliminates boundaries for the lowest possible distortion. Its increased conductivity - up to 112% of regular silver wire - Leads to an extremely low-loss conductor for a lower noise floor and higher power handling.

By using proprietary sophisticated annealing processes, we produced larger and more consistent crystal structures, reducing the discontinuities in the signal path. The result is exceptional openness, detail and musicality - perfect for the world's finest hi-fi systems.

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