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Royal Signature Series

Sitting between the Classic Anniversary and 35 Years Anniversary ranges, this prestigious series offers exceptional sound quality from a choice of analogue and digital interconnects, loudspeaker, headphone and power cables. All either feature Siltech’s superb G7 silver-gold alloy conductors or S8 monocrystal silver. To exploit our unique metallurgy, Royal Signature cables are further ruggedised and get an external, circumferential shield with stiffer outside insulation. This makes for a cable with breathtaking transparency.

Royal Signature LoudSpeaker Cable

Royal Signature Series

This range delivers spectacular musical performance, and encompasses analogue and digital interconnects, loudspeaker, headphone and power cables. Both Siltech's G7 silver-gold alloy and S8 monocrystal silver conductors are used, depending on the cable type. The range boasts exceptionally robust construction using an external circumferential shield with thick, stiff insulation. This makes for a heavier and less flexible cable but offers a quality of sound that would not otherwise be possible.

Siltech's high end audiophile range

G7 silver-gold or S8 monocrystal silver conductors

special shielding for ultra low noise


G7 Silver-Gold

The special silver-gold alloy used in some models of the Royal Signature Series is Siltech’s seventh generation formulation, designed to give even greater purity than our monocrystal copper cables. Silver is more stable than copper over the long term, and also conducts electrical signals better. Siltech’s proprietary formulation improves on natural silver wire by adding traces of gold to fill the microcracks that occur during the solidification process. Its exceptional 9N purity confers supremely low distortion on the cable, for excellent sound.

S8 Monocrystal Silver

Siltech’s seventh generation (G7) silver-gold alloy was designed to get around the inherent impurities in silver wire, but our eighth generation (S8) solid core monocrystal silver goes one better. Whereas the former fills the microcracks in the silver structure, the latter eliminates them completely. The result is the highest purity of silver possible, which in turn means the lowest signal loss. This single long continuous crystal of silver – from one end of the cable to the other – makes for vanishingly low distortion.

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