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Explorer Series

Although best known for high end cables, Siltech believes that our products should be as widely attainable as possible. Explorer is the entry-level series, sitting below the Classic Legend range. Designed for maximum performance at its price point, this is achieved by using bespoke, ultra high purity copper conductors rather than our high end silver type. The result is a smooth, open and enjoyable sound that’s ideal for all hi-fi systems.

Siltech Explorer Cable with Transparant Background

Designing state-of-the-art cables is a science, but making affordable ones is an art. Explorer offers a taste of the sublime sound of our flagship products, in a more accessible package. Specially selected, ultra high purity 6N monocrystal copper conductors are mated to twin layer Kapton-Teflon insulation by Siltech’s unique process. The result is exceptional audio performance at the price, alongside excellent electrical noise suppression.

Siltech's bespoke 6N monocrystal copper conductors

exceptional price-to-performance ratio

superb construction quality, made in the Netherlands


6N Monocrystal

Copper offers an excellent cost-to-performance ratio for affordable applications, but not all types are created equal. Siltech’s 6N monocrystal is of superlative quality, delivering maximum conductivity over extended periods of time. In the Explorer Series, it comes in self-shielding, twisted, twin coaxial form complete with our unique twin layer Kapton/Teflon insulation. Because mechanical noise, and radio frequency and electromagnetic interference are kept to a minimum, our copper’s purity shines through.

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