High-Fidelity System

Naturally, Siltech is most famous for its pioneering and technologically advanced range of audio cables – but these are a means to an end, rather than the end in itself. Since our inception in 1983, the company has been driven by the desire to deliver the finest possible music reproduction in the home. Cables of course play a critical part in this, but electronics and loudspeakers are no less important – and any system is only as good as its weakest link, after all.

That’s why Siltech also manufactures amplifiers and loudspeakers, in the shape of the SAGA system and Symphony speaker. We believe these offer unmatched sound, achieved as a direct result of our exhaustive design and measurement processes, our unique materials technology and our Netherlands-based manufacturing – which is second to none. The design of both was heavily informed by our earlier, extensive work on their respective predecessors – the now-legendary SEPA tube amplifier and the revered Pantheon XXV loudspeaker. Siltech goes from strength to strength.

Symphony Loudspeaker in Loft

Symphony loudspeaker system

One of the largest and most complex loudspeaker systems ever made, Symphony offers unmatched levels of musicality, making for an uncannily lifelike listening experience.

Siltech Saga System Interior

SAGA amplifier system

A no-compromise line stage, gain stage and power amplifier combination, SAGA offers unmatched sound quality and power, for use with the world’s finest sources and speakers.