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Many cable manufacturers only use shielding in their interconnects, but at Siltech every cable in our range employs highly effective shielding to reduce electrical and mechanical noise. This ensures that our superior quality conductors can do their job properly, resulting in an astonishingly low noise floor that lets the music’s full majesty and power shine through.

Why is shielding important for audio cables

The importance of shielding

Not all shielding is created equal – as Siltech’s research into the subject shows. Many audio cables are shielded, but their effectiveness is another question altogether.

Audio interconnects need isolation from electrical noise, electromagnetic interference and mechanical vibrations. Only then can their low level electrical signals get to where they’re going without harm.

The increased use of digital systems, wireless connectivity and control circuitry throughout modern homes has massively increased the levels of electrical noise pollution, or radio frequency interference (RFI).

It makes effective shielding of signal carrying cables essential for correct system performance, otherwise they will act as aerials and feed the noise into your system.

Not only do you need to shield your interconnects and loudspeaker cables, but you need to make these shields as effective as possible. The best way to do this is by increasing the distance between the shield and the conductors it is protecting.

The Siltech difference

Although Siltech cables are generally larger in diameter than others, this is not done for visual effect. Rather, we employ thick and heavy outer sleeves to maximise the distance between our shields and our conductors.

The difference is easy to see, but more importantly is clear to hear. It makes for a cleaner, lower distortion sound with a wealth of subtle musical detail that would otherwise be lost by substandard shielding design, materials and construction.

Siltech Audio Cables have great insulation

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