Master Crown Speaker Cable

⋆ 6 ultra-thick s10 monocrystal conduxtors

⋆ Perfectly symmetric hexagon construction

⋆ Plasma gold-plated monochrystal silver-spades



For a loudspeaker cable low loss and low distortion are key to their performance, and the cable needs to get the best out of all types of equipment. By optimizing all parameters, we are sure our cables always will sound incredible on just any combination of audio gear.

By adding MFD (magnetic field distortion) and CSD (current shielding distortion) removing technology, Siltech’s new generation Master Crown creates an unbelievably powerful sound, with a high level of information, precision and above all a fluid dynamic sound that immediately grabs your attention.

Yes, it will handle 10kW, but more importantly, it’s able to let you hear 8 Femtowatts (0.000000000000008 Watt) of sound too. This mind-blowing range enables every micro detail (or better; Femto detail) to be heard, making your sound ultra realistic and adding a layer of fine detail and authenticity in any situation.

As the final ends of the signal transfer are extremely important, the S10 monocrystal silver spades on Master Crown speaker cables are gold-plated with direct plasma-plating for additional depth and body to the sound.

Master Crown speaker cables will reveal the best possible resolution out of any system, ensuring you will experience music like never before.

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