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Elemental truths

Metallurgy is the science of working or treating metals to produce specific desired properties, and is key to improving the sound of audio cable conductors.

Siltech has long been at the forefront of audio cable metallurgy, and is constantly refining its technology in this sphere. That’s why we’re a world leader in both conductor performance and audio cable sound.

Conductor Silver Gold Copper

Silver Technology

As our name suggests, Siltech is short for Silver Technology. Silver is naturally more conductive than copper, but is more expensive and so less widely used in audiophile applications.

All Siltech’s higher ranges use silver conductors, but not all types are created equal. We have spent forty years refining the silver that we use – and the difference is clear to hear.

Most audio cables use copper or silver-plated copper conductors, because the material is readily available and affordable. But Siltech’s premium products use pure silver for their conductive elements.

Despite the higher costs involved, in an application where performance is the key consideration, the benefits are as clearly audible as they are measurable.

Silver wire offers higher conductivity and lower resistance than any other material – even gold. But in itself that’s not enough to guarantee superior musical results. It’s not just a question of what you use. How you use it matters too…

Siltech Classic 550L loudspeaker cable with spade connectors

Silver-Gold Alloy

The best possible performance at the price

Royal Signature Series

Monocrystal Silver

The finest sound quality available



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