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Siltech Monocrystal Silver

We believe that Siltech’s S8 Monocrystal Silver is the finest audio cable conductor ever developed. We don’t say this lightly, as it is the product of many decades of intensive research and development. We think It delivers a musical performance without equal.

Metallurgy Silver Audio Cables

Regular copper or silver conductor
Small gaps cause micro distortions in the signal

Material science

The type of conductor used is central to the performance of an audio cable. Various different materials have been tried over the years, from copper to carbon fibre. These have a fundamental effect on sound quality, but it isn’t just what you choose, it’s the way that you make it.

Looked at under a microscope, you’ll see that metal is a lattice or matrix constructed from individual atoms, which is imperfectly constructed from multiple large crystals, all locked together. Between those crystals are boundaries and voids – barriers that any signal passing through the metal must cross.

These interruptions and discontinuities in the conductors don’t show up via empirical measurement techniques, but subjective listening can detect them all too clearly.

Because human hearing is a primary defence mechanism that’s capable of discerning the distance and direction of any potential threat, it is incredibly sensitive to any disturbance in the patterns and natural structure of noises all around us.

So, while our auditory system might not have been designed specifically to appreciate recorded music, it is astonishingly capable of analysing and appreciating the complex shapes, patterns and structures in a musical performance – and recognising any distortions or deviations that afflict them.

Monocrystal Silver

Siltech has become famous for its Silver-Gold alloy, now having reached the seventh generation. It solves the problem of the crystal voids of natural silver by filling those tiny gaps with pure gold, leading to a more accurate and enjoyable sound than any other type of silver. You can read more on this here.

Although filling in these microscopic cracks brings huge sonic benefits, it cannot match a conductor where those voids are entirely eliminated in the first place.

Metallurgy Monocrystal Silver Audio Cables

Siltech S8 Monocrystal Silver
Our continuous silver crystal eliminates microscopic cracks, reducing resistance and minimizing distortion

Developing our own specialist, audio-specific measurement techniques, Siltech was able to detect and evaluate the impact of the barriers and voids within conductor materials, and identify the myriad micro distortions they produce

This let us set about reducing the damage that they cause to the audio signal passing through our cables. This approach went way beyond simply selecting the raw conductor material.

Using sophisticated annealing processes, adjusting both the temperature and rate at which our conductors are drawn and how long they take to cool, we were able to produce larger and more consistent crystal structures, reducing the barriers and discontinuities in the signal path.

While a number of manufacturers have worked with what’s commonly called ‘long crystal’ or ‘monocrystal’ copper, Siltech combined this technology with our superlative quality silver to produce our ground breaking Monocrystal Silver cables.

Siltech Empress Crown Interconnect with RCA and XLR connector

Empress Crown interconnect
Part of the Royal Signature series, featuring S8 Monocrystal Silver conductors

Absolute performance

As they feature the most expensive raw materials, and are hugely time-consuming to build, you will only find Monocrystal conductors in Siltech’s premium and flagship products – The Triple Crown and all Royal Signature models with Crown in their name.

When absolute performance counts, cost cannot be a concern. Indeed, the very existence of these products shows Siltech’s commitment to furthering the science and art of sound.

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