Crown Prince

This seriously special, limited edition loudspeaker cable sports Siltech’s monocrystal silver conductors in star quad configuration, plus wide-range shielding. The choice of Siltech SSP005AM spade connectors or WBT0610Ag banana plugs is offered.


Metallurgy: Pure monocrystal silver
Construction: Star quad
Insulators: Kapton & Wide-range shielding
Cores: 4

*Other connectors are available. Please contact your local distributor for details.


When the time came to celebrate our 35 year anniversary, we decided to create something seriously special to commemorate it. Siltech’s finest monocrystal silver conductors were combined with our unique Kapton/Teflon cable outers in a premium priced package that’s still accessible to owners of high end audiophile systems.

The result is the Crown series. Small put perfectly formed, it comprises the Princess interconnect, Prince loudspeaker cable and Prince Power cable. The three different cables share the same aristocratic build; their beautifully precise feel in the hand hints at the exceptional quality within. The know-how that went into the design was garnered from three and a half decades at the forefront of high end audio cable design. The result is a majestic sound with sophistication and grandeur in equal measure.

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