Audiotechnique recently reviewed Siltech’s Crown Prince and Crown Princess cables.

Click here for the original Chinese version.

For those who of us who can’t read Chinese, a few highlights from the review are included below.

“I found that the Audio Note amplifiers combined with high-quality silver cables are quite different compared to using copper cables. Once you’ve listened to these top-quality silver cables, it’s hard to turn back.”

“The Siltech 35th Anniversary Series cables are ideally balanced, with a high density of sound that fills the entire listening space and creates a vivid live atmosphere. The powerful rhythms and highly detailed sound will definitely get your blood pumping.”

“The high frequency is outstanding and very listenable, producing a sound that is delicate and true to life, with a slight touch of nobility and a long, lingering finish. You can’t beat the charm of high-quality monocrystal silver. The Crown Princess is only about a third of the price of an Empress Crown and with all the benefits of the top-class S8 monocrystal silver technology, it’s definitely great value!”

We thank Audiotechnique for their kind words.