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The Siltech cable range

Founded back in 1983, Siltech was one of the first specialist audio cable companies – and helped pioneer the concept that they play a fundamental and critical role in the sound of hi-fi systems. Since then, decades of intensive research and development have kept us at the forefront of cable design.

Siltech Explorer Series Audio Interconnect Audio Cable

Explorer Series

Although best known as a purveyor of high end, cost-no-object cables, Siltech believes its products should be as widely attainable as possible. Explorer is our entry-level series, designed for maximum performance at its price point. We achieve this by using bespoke, ultra high purity copper conductors rather than our high end silver conductors for which Siltech is famous. The result is a smooth, open and musically engaging sound that’s ideal for all hi-fi and AV systems.

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Classic Anniversary Series

Launched to celebrate Siltech’s twenty fifth anniversary, this series offers a combination of excellent performance, superb value for money and a range of cable types. This is possible thanks to the use of our special G7 silver-gold alloy conductors in a twisted, twin coaxial lay-out, plus special shielding to minimise electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise. The purity of the conductors allied to the dielectric’s quietness makes for a startlingly clean and open sound, wholly unexpected at the price.

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Siltech Classic Anniversary Loudspeaker Audio Cable
Siltech Royal Signature Series Transparant Background

Royal Signature Series

Designed for excellent sonic performance, this range offers a choice of analogue and digital interconnects, loudspeaker, headphone and power cables. These employ Siltech’s superb G7 silver-gold alloy conductors, or S8 monocrystal silver in some guises. To exploit the excellence of our metallurgy, the cables in this range are ruggedised and get an external, circumferential shield with stiffer external insulation. This makes for a heavier and less pliant end product, but one that’s even quieter and more transparent sounding.

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35 Years Anniversary Series

This premium range of cables was launched to commemorate Siltech’s thirty-fifth anniversary, and is suitably special. It employs all the technical know-how that the company has amassed since its birth in 1983. That’s why it uses our finest pure S8 monocrystal silver conductor technology. Together with bespoke Teflon and Kapton outers and special shielding, this makes for an ultra-high definition, glass-clear sound with vanishingly low distortion. Like all our products, it is meticulously made in the Netherlands.

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35 Years Anniversary Crown Princess Interconnect
Siltech Triple Crown Interconnect Cable

Triple Crown Series

Siltech’s flagship, cost-no-object range uses the finest conductors, the best dielectric and superlative construction to deliver a sound that has to be heard to be believed. Our ultra-pure monocrystal silver conductors appear in their ultimate large diameter form, and work together with Air Cradle Construction – a radical new cable topology with absolute geometric and mechanical consistency. The resulting combination of startling clarity and profound musicality will come as a revelation to anyone lucky enough to experience it.

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