Triple Crown Series

Today, Siltech is widely recognised as a purveyor of the very finest cables available, but it took decades of hard work to earn our reputation for advancing the audio art…

Siltech’s entire research, development and design resources were harnessed to create the flagship Triple Crown range. Naturally it uses our bespoke, ultra-pure monocrystal silver conductors – in their ultimate, large diameter form. These work together with Air Cradle Construction – a radical new cable topology with absolute geometric and mechanical consistency. The monocrystal conductors combine with ultra low density insulation made from a complex Teflon matrix, to deliver vanishingly low inductance, resistance and capacitance. This yields a sound that has to be heard to be believed.

Siltech's flagship, no-compromise cable range

our purest S8 monocrystal silver conductors

Air-Cradle Construction for ultimate performance


S8 Monocrystal Silver

Siltech's eighth generation (S8) solid core monocrystal silver eliminates any micro cracks in the silver structure, delivering the highest purity of silver possible for the lowest signal loss. This single long continuous crystal of silver – from one end of the cable to the other – makes for vanishingly low distortion. In our Triple Crown range each silver conductor comes in the largest possible diameter, for superlative technical performance. This flagship cable delivers a stellar listening experience.

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