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Meet one of the world’s greatest loudspeakers

The product of many years of intensive design and engineering work, Siltech’s Symphony delivers a sound as close to the original recording as can be. A massive investment in research and development was made to deliver a cost-no-object reference loudspeaker of superlative ability.

Mr. van der Kley Rynveld’s dream has always been to accurately reproduce the live sound of a full orchestra, jazz band, rock group – or indeed any other musical event – at realistic listening levels. A lifelong student of the acoustic behaviour of musical instruments and the human voice, he has been fascinated by the challenge of reproducing them through amplifiers and loudspeakers.

In the Symphony system, his musical and engineering background culminate, creating balance and formal discipline, using new techniques to achieve dynamic coherence in musical performance, technical perfection and robust, impressive design.

The result is Symphony – a revolutionary new loudspeaker, transforming the magic of live performance like never done by an audio system before.

The Symphony achieves the most natural results by a combination of highly advanced drive units, a novel three-way split cabinet and passive-active operation. This approach allowed our engineers to meet the criteria of a great high-end loudspeaker – wide bandwidth, ultra-low distortion, and the ability to deliver remarkably high sound levels and even more important: sounding live at the lowest listening levels too.

The true sound of music

Despite its great engineering depth, the Symphony does not blind you with science. It may be a technological tour de force, but the end result sounds natural and organic. It conveys the full majesty of any piece of music, alongside the slightest of subtle nuances and intricate filigree details. It dissolves into any listening room, stepping aside to bring the music right to you. The music touches you, hits your heart and skin as it would do in a concert hall or stadium.

Symphony reproduces everything from the lowest cathedral organ notes or dance music sub-bass, to the highest cymbal sounds and violin harmonics. It captures the lustre of brass instruments, the shimmer of massed strings and the warmth of human voices. Underpinning this is the ability to move prodigious amounts of air when called upon. This loudspeaker takes you to the very heart of the performance, bringing the magic of music to your listening room.

What's inthe name?

Composing the Symphony

Symphony is the name for large orchestral pieces in classical music: notes, thema’s, instruments sounding together in harmony.

The original word has been used in different fields to denote a pleasing combination of various elements.

The Symphony Speaker system is – like the meaning of the original Greek word “symphonia” – a harmonious balance of the very best drive units available, with a three-tier cabinet of supreme rigidity. Each sub-enclosure is carefully decoupled from the others with real ruby elements and handles one part of the frequency spectrum from bottom to top.

Symphony Speaker Bass Cabinet

The bass cabinet

Irregularly shaped to reduce unwanted vibrations, the Symphony’s bass cabinet houses four enormous 18-inch woofers per speaker. This lets it move huge amounts of air and deliver clean bass to below the limit of human hearing – a ground shaking 17Hz. It is designed to radiate bass largely from the front of the speaker rather than behind, to minimise room interaction.

The bass cabinet design is modelled on a grand piano, coupling the bass to the air more efficiently while not exciting room resonances. The result is spectacular low frequency performance with a natural sound even in a small room – something that’s unique for a large loudspeaker with an extended bass response.

The upper tiers

The Symphony’s middle tier houses three special midrange drivers specially positioned to reduce ceiling and floor vibrations. Five additional treble drivers – including diamond dome tweeters – sit beside, purposed to provide seamless high frequency reproduction. The result is an ultra extended treble response of 100kHz (-3dB), which five times higher than human hearing.

The top enclosure sports a lower midrange driver with a special oval shaped voice coil for the purest possible reproduction of vocals. All three sub-assemblies are physically decoupled from one another by ruby discs [pictured right], and time-aligned so the music arrives at the listener in perfect phase.

Humans are most sensitive to midrange frequencies from 200Hz and 3kHz. Recognising this, our engineers designed a line source of four special drivers working together with exceptionally low distortion and compression, allowing pure and free dynamics. This delivers a delightfully natural sound with extremely accurate stereo imaging.

The human brain has exceptionally accurate impulse handling. This is why even people with slight hearing loss at higher frequencies can still accurately hear the subtlest of musical details. Impulse detection is the oldest part of the human survival mechanism in hearing, with frequency detection being a later development.

Siltech Symphony Ruby Disc Close Up
Siltech Symphony Ruby Disc Close Up
Siltech Symphony Speaker Open Side

Innovative engineering

The cabinets have a layered construction of various materials to minimise internal vibrations. The frame is made from huge blocks of a special tension-free cast aluminium. Black with silver accenting is standard, but other finishes are available to special order. Sturdy height-adjustable stainless steel feet anchor the speaker to the floor, working with precision steel bearings to allow easy placement of this exceptionally heavy loudspeaker.

Under normal circumstances, the Symphony’s complex multi-driver design would make it challenging even for a high end amplifier to drive. This is why Siltech engineers created a true analogue passive design, but with supporting amplification built-in. The amplifiers work in a similar way to power steering in a car, offering assistance to improve ease of use. The passive silver-in-oil, capacitor-only crossover is able to deliver power to the drivers without quality loss or compression. This greatly improves the sound of the loudspeaker.

No gain is added, but the speaker load varies from 8 to 16 ohms with little phase change. This is an easy load for any amplifier that the Symphony is connected to, which lets it give its best. Any conventional amplifier of over 20W RMS per channel can be used, making it easy to match with a wide range of designs. Also, because this loudspeaker is naturally tonally balanced, there is no need for sound-degrading digital signal processing.

Note: Because the Symphony employs a ground connection via the AC mains, any conventional amplifier with a standard output that isn’t tied to the ground is compatible, but bridged amplifiers are not suitable. Siltech is happy to advise on matching; please contact


  • frequency response: 17Hz-100kHz (-3dB)
  • minimum input power: >20W RMS per channel
  • maximum SPL: 115dB before clipping
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.25%, 20Hz-20kHz
  • size: 700x800x1,900mm (WxDxH, without base)
  • weight: 244kg (180, 43, 21kg for bass, mid, top)
  • country of origin: Netherlands, EU


Symphony is one of the world’s finest loudspeakers. From its seismic bass and glass-clear midband to the supremely extended yet highly finessed treble, its performance speaks for itself.

Yet it is still relatively easy to access this immense ability, as Symphony demands less of its partnering amplification than other statement loudspeakers. It creates a vast soundstage of remarkable depth, packs formidable amounts of power and knits all this together into a highly cohesive and musically engaging package.

Siltech Symphony Speaker in living room

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