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As one of the world’s leading hi-fi cable manufacturers, the success that Siltech now enjoys did not happen overnight. It’s the result of forty years of intensive research and development into our own proprietary metallurgies and technologies, by the most gifted engineers and with the most advanced measuring equipment; a never-ending journey to become better and better, and create even more unique experiences.

To commemorate this milestone in our rich history, we have created the new Ruby Crown. It’s a dedicated all-analog cable range comprising RCA and XLR interconnects, loudspeaker cables and power cords. It marks our ruby anniversary, celebrating four decades of designing and manufacturing world-class cables. The name also echoes some of the most beloved products in our long history, like the Ruby Hill and Ruby Mountain.

Celebrating 40 years of excellence

40 years after producing its first cable in 1983, Siltech launched this exceptional series to commemorate that pioneering event. This new series is the least expensive route to our finest ever metallurgy, the newest S10 monocrystal silver conductors which have been specially configured in a 3- or 4-core design tailored for this application, with high-grade connectors to further improve performance.

S10 Monocrystal Silver

Kapton & Teflon Insulation

Specially configured in a 3- or 4-core design

S10 Monocrystal Silver

Our newest S10 Monocrystal Silver is the pinnacle of our cable design and manufacturing. The Single continuous crystal metallurgy eliminates boundaries for the lowest possible distortion. Its increased conductivity - up to 112% of regular silver wire - Leads to an extremely low-loss conductor for a lower noise floor and higher power handling.

By using proprietary sophisticated annealing processes, we produced larger and more consistent crystal structures, reducing the discontinuities in the signal path. The result is exceptional openness, detail, and musicality - perfect for the world's finest hi-fi systems.

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