Royal Double Crown Speak

Royal Double Crown speaker cable contains Siltech’s S10 monocrystal silver from tip to tip throughout the entire cable. It uses even more conductor material than Royal Single Crown, as well as more insulation and better resonance damping to open up that extra layer of performance.

The custom-made S10 monocrystal silver spade connector is the final touch, giving the Royal Double Crown Speaker cable even more body, detail, depth, and amazing musicality.

Also, the 6-core Hexagon construction with air insulation used throughout the Royal Crown series ensures the most efficient and symmetric wire distribution leading to reduced inductance and capacitance.

Available with Spade and Banana connectors:

  • Spade – Siltech-made SSP010 made from pure S10 monocrystal silver
  • Banana – WBT 0610 Ag


Metallurgy: Pure S10 Monocrystal Silver
Construction: Hexagon
Kapton, Teflon, Air Insulation Structure & Wide-Range Shielding
Cores: 6

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As Siltech’s finest ever cable range, the Royal Crown series replaces our highly acclaimed Royal Signature series. A clean-sheet, no-compromise design, it covers every popular audiophile application, from analogue and digital interconnects, to power cords and loudspeaker cables.

When connecting loudspeakers to the amplifier that drives them, everything must be right about the cables linking them. Siltech’s Royal Crown series speaker cables do the very best possible job, with no compromises made.
At the heart of the design is our unique, single silver crystal conductor. Silver is the most conductive metal in existence, and this is its purest, most conductive version – without no boundaries whatsoever. The result of nearly five decades of research, Siltech’s S10 monocrystal silver is the best that money can buy.

Proper construction is no less important, to achieve superlative sound. The Royal Single Crown and Royal Double Crown cables use our unique 6-core Hexagon topology, with a combination of Kapton and Teflon insulation, and a TC floating shield for the best possible rejection of electrical noise. An internal air gap acoustically damps the cable to further reduce mechanical interference. The result is an ultra-low loss loudspeaker cable with dramatically lower capacitance and inductance than is normal. This effect is even greater with Royal Triple Crown’s special multicell construction. Royal Single Crown speaker cable is terminated with G9 silver-gold spades, whereas Royal Double Crown and Royal Triple Crown use S10 monocrystal silver spade connectors.

Siltech’s flagship speaker cables are available in Royal Single Crown, Royal Double Crown, and Royal Triple Crown versions with increasing conductor thicknesses and air gaps, each delivering class-leading performance at their respective price points.

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