Royal Double Crown Digit

The purest possible signal transfer and excellent jitter suppression make Royal Double Crown Digit the best digital cable available. Siltech’s S10 monocrystal silver in the single coaxial (75 ohm) or twisted pair (110 ohm) topology ensures a fluent signal transfer to get the best digital transfer possible.

The construction of the cable with supreme quality insulation, S10 monocrystal silver ground wires, wide-range shielding, and resonance damping protects it from any outside interference.

Available in 75 Ohm version with Siltech-made S10 monocrystal silver SST RCA connectors and high-end BNC connectors, or as 110 ohm version with Oyaide’s Focus 1 XLR connectors.


Metallurgy: Pure S10 Monocrystal Silver
Construction: Twisted Pair
Teflon & Wide-Range Shielding
Cores: 1 /2 + 3

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As Siltech’s finest ever cable range, the Royal Crown series replaces our highly acclaimed Royal Signature series. A clean-sheet, no-compromise design, it covers every popular audiophile application, from analogue and digital interconnects, to power cords and loudspeaker cables.

Royal Crown series digital interconnects are made to the very best standards, with absolutely nothing left to chance. Build quality is superlative, with the finest available materials used.  Although some still believe that all digital cables sound the same, the difference between average examples and Siltech’s flagship Royal Crown versions is profound.  That’s because, just like analogue cables, digital interconnects are susceptible to the same noise problems – Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) – plus mechanical vibration, ineffective conductors, and/or impedance mismatching.

Siltech’s unique S10 monocrystal silver is the finest conductor money can buy and is purpose-designed to carry high-resolution digital audio at the very high frequencies required. This is mated to our special insulation and shielding package – including an improved Superground connection. Together, these make Royal Crown digital interconnects exceptionally resistant to electrical and mechanical noise. The result is a stable, ultra-low jitter connection between the digital source and digital-to-analogue convertor. In turn, it lets the DAC do the best possible job.

Available as Royal Single and Double Crown Digit (coaxial), Royal Single and Double Crown USB, and Royal Crown Network versions, they form an essential part of any digital audio front end. Hear the difference for yourself when you get the chance.

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