Duchess Crown

The Siltech Duchess Crown is a monocrystal silver headphone cable.

Standard available connectors are:
Stereo Jack 6.35 / HD-800
2x XLR male / HD-800
Stereo Jack 6.35 / Mini XLR female 4p
2x XLR male Furutech CF – 601MR Carbon / HD-800


Metallurgy: Pure monocrystal silver
Construction: Twisted pair
Insulators: Teflon & Wide-range shielding
Cores: 4

*Other connectors are available as option. Please contact your local distributor for details.


The Royal Signature high end cable series embodies all of Siltech’s knowledge and technology. When performance counts, how a cable is constructed is paramount. Using an external, circumferential shield produces exceptional results, so long as it’s kept far enough away from the conductors. Thick and stiff external insulation imparts added mechanical isolation. It is this approach that makes Royal Signature series cables heavier and less flexible but, once heard we think you’ll agree that it is a small price to pay for the performance on offer.

Precision manufacturing techniques are used to create these cables, which feature Siltech’s latest G7 silver-gold alloy or monocrystal silver conductors, combined with advanced multi-layer Kapton-Teflon insulation materials. This cable family consists of eight interconnect cables, five speaker cables, three power cables and eight digital cables. Breathtakingly accurate and musically involving, the Royal Signature series offers some of the finest cables that money can buy.

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