Slovak/Czech high end audio magazine High&Style has published a review about Siltech’s Crown Prince Series and our Ruby Mountain and Golden Universal II cables!

You can read the original review written in Slovakian by High&Style

As stated in the article “The Siltech Crown Princess, Crown Prince and Ruby Mountain cables have an unbelievable reduction of sound distortions or hum and are absolutely noiseless. Bringing amazing musicality and a fast and accurate sound. All cables were a perfect high end partner to the YG Hailey 2.2 loudspeaker which was used during the review.”

The article further mentions the quality of the silver wire used in Siltech cables: “Siltech’s proprietary silver-gold metallurgy and monocrystal silver wire makes the sound sparking and enjoyable in the higher frequencies, stable and massive on bass and bringing a huge portion of mid-range information with excellent texture. This makes the cables easy to use across all genres of music.”

Thank you High&Style magazine for your nice feedback and DreamAudio for arranging the review and providing an English summary!