Master Crown Interconnect

⋆ 4 high purity S10 monochrystal conductors for lowest distortion

⋆ Balanced grounding and Zero Crossing Distortion

⋆ Plasma gold-plated monochrystal silver XLR and RCA contacts



Perhaps the most challenging cable to realize another breakthrough in musical performance, was the interconnect cable. It’s new technology is the result of many scientific findings, the most important being:

1) The solid S10 monocrystal silver conductors are now constructed following the new Balanced ground principle, for both XLR and RCA cables, further lowering the low noise floor.

2) MFD (Magnetic field distortions) related to the composition of conducting materials and insulators are also reduced further due to the new construction.

3) Reduction of CSD (Current shielding distortion) effects, for less interference with the natural audio signal.

4) Jitter reduction improves the Zero Crossing Distortion, greatly influencing the audible recognition of voices and instruments.

Just as important are the connectors, where the ultimate transfer of signal takes place. That is why all contacts are S10 monocrystal silver pins, gold-plated through a special direct plasma-plating process to further enhance sound quality. The clamping mechanism on the RCA connector is improved to avoid the risk of Eddy currents.

Lastly, Master Crown’s Superior shielding switch allowing you to choose between directional grounding or lifting the shield connection all together, depending on your system and its surroundings.

These landmark steps in the pursuit of ultimate system optimization have led to Master Crown Interconnect; the most silent, distortion-free cable in the world.

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