Master Crown Power

⋆ 18 conductor configuration with S10 monocrystal silver & G9 silver-gold wires

⋆ Pure silver contacts on power connector

⋆ Maximum power integrity & ultra-realistic music



Power cables have an unexpectedly big audible effect on the reproduction of music. Magnetic leakages cause distortion in particular frequency ranges, inducing small distortions which are unrelated to music but affect all connected electronics and other (mainly interconnect) cables nearby. Furthermore, those distorted currents cause saturation in many power cords resulting into audibly colored sound at these peak currents.

Even small electronic devices may have repetitive peak current of 1 Amp while only taking 10 watts of energy out of your AC mains. During development of the power cables, our research group uses advanced software like COMSOL Multiphysics and the world’s most advanced measuring equipment to minimize the effects of these peak current distortions. This leads to extremely high levels of power integrity and an astonishing subjective and objective performance.

The power cable’s special grounding even removes the need for ground lifting, often done by audiophiles to improve the sound. Siltech’s new 18 conductor conductor configuration consisting of both S10 monocrystal silver and G9 silver-gold wires minimizes signal loss and distortion, and eliminates external interference.

The elimination of harshness, complete lack of induced distortion and subsequent

Bass stability creates a new ultra-realistic feel to the music: A true new Master of Power.

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