Explorer 180 iX

Siltech’s entry-level balanced interconnect uses a twisted pair of high purity monocrystal copper conductors, and is terminated with Neutrik XLR connectors with gold plated contact pins.


Metallurgy: Monocrystal copper
Construction: Twisted coaxial pair
Insulators: Kapton, Teflon & Super shielding
Cores: 2

*Other connectors are available. Please contact your local distributor for details.


Explorer is Siltech’s entry-level audiophile range of cables, comprising unbalanced and balanced interconnects, loudspeaker cables and digital interconnects, including USB or FireWire terminations.

Designed to give a taste of what’s possible from our high end products but without the expense, the knowledge gleaned from nearly four decades of research and development has gone into this accessible range of high quality cables.

At its heart is Siltech’s bespoke 6N monocrystal copper conductor, which is ultra pure for extremely low loss signal transfer. This is backed by innovative dielectric materials with twin-layer Kapton-Teflon insulation to protect from mechanical, radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Superb construction quality means that it’s built to last.

Although Siltech is world-famous for advanced silver conductors, our copper cored Explorer range is no poor relation.

Reviews and Awards

The Absolute Sound
The Absolute Sound Roundtable

For years our products have been synonymous with silver conductor technology, prized for its incredible performance and longevity. But that quality is quite costly. After extensive research and long-term testing we found a way of producing an extremely pure, 6N mono crystal copper, with superior conductivity and without the contaminants that de-grade cable performance over time. Combining this revolutionary metallurgy with our proven, twisted twin co-axial, self-shielding, low-loss construction and unique twin-layer Kapton/Teflon insulation we have created the Explorer Series cables that deliver genuine Siltech quality at a more affordable price, together with superb protection from mechanical, RF and EM interference. Built in The Netherlands to the same exacting standards as all Siltech products, using dedicated Siltech terminations, the result is a comprehensive cable family, with three levels of interconnect, two speaker cables, USB, FireWire and a power cord to meet every system requirement. Siltech’s signature low-distortion sound is instantly recognizable, and the Explore Series is no exception, delivering the superb dimensionality, staging, low colouration, high resolution, accurate harmonics and realistic musical expression that audiophiles have come to depend on. When Siltech does copper, you know that it is no ordinary copper – and the Explorer Series delivers no ordinary performance.

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