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35 Years Anniversary Series

Immediately below the flagship Royal Crown series is Siltech’s 35 Year Anniversary cable series. We launched this series to commemorate our 35th anniversary. Each cable employs all the technical know-how we have amassed since 1983. Our finest pure S10 monocrystal silver conductor technology is key to its outstanding performance, alongside bespoke Teflon and Kapton outers and special shielding. The result is a high definition, glass-clear sound with vanishingly low distortion. Like all our products, it is proudly manufactured in the Netherlands.

35 Year Anniversary Audio Power Cable

Three and a half decades after producing its first cable in 1983, Siltech launched this exceptional series to commemorate that pioneering event. It is a premium product range. For this series, we use our very best pure S10 monocrystal silver conductor technology. Allied to our Teflon and Kapton outer and special shielding, these cables offer exceptionally low distortion for glass-clear sound. Interconnect, loudspeaker, and power cables are available – all meticulously crafted in the Netherlands.

premium quality sound

our most affordable S10 monocrystal silver cable

exceptional interference rejection, ultra low noise


S10 Monocyrstal Silver

Our newest S10 Monocrystal Silver is the pinnacle of our cable design and manufacturing. The Single continuous crystal metallurgy eliminates boundaries for the lowest possible distortion. Its increased conductivity - up to 112% of regular silver wire - Leads to an extremely low-loss conductor for a lower noise floor and higher power handling.

By using proprietary sophisticated annealing processes, we produced larger and more consistent crystal structures, reducing the discontinuities in the signal path. The result is exceptional openness, detail, and musicality - perfect for the world's finest hi-fi systems.

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