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Classic Anniversary Series

* Our successful Classic Anniversary series has received an exciting new update: the multi-award winning Classic Legend Series. Classic Anniversary series products are succeeded by the Classic Legend Series as of January 2022. Contact your local distributor for more information.

Launched to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary, our middle-tier cable offers a combination of performance, value, and versatility. Sitting between the entry-level Explorer and high-end Royal Signature ranges, it uses Siltech’s G7 silver-gold alloy conductors in a twisted, twin coaxial layout. Special shielding is fitted to minimize electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise. The purity of the conductors allied to the dielectric’s quietness makes for a startlingly clean and open sound.

Siltech Classic Series Speaker Cable Transparant

Based on the legendary Classic Series, Classic Anniversary was launched to celebrate Siltech’s twenty fifth anniversary. Designed to give class-leading sonic performance at a price that’s still accessible for serious audiophiles, it offers exceptional value for money. This elevated performance level comes from the use of our special G7 silver-gold alloy conductors in twisted, twin coaxial layout, plus special shielding to minimise electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise. It’s an ultra quiet cable that carries more of your music.

Siltech G7 silver-gold alloy conductors

all cables have at least two core construction

major sonic gain over Explorer, for a modest outlay


G7 Silver-Gold

The special silver-gold alloy used in the Classic Anniversary Series is Siltech’s seventh generation formulation, designed to give even greater purity than the monocrystal copper used in the Explorer series. Silver is more stable than copper over the long term, and also conducts electrical signals better. Siltech’s proprietary formulation improves on natural silver wire by adding traces of gold to fill the microcracks that occur during the solidification process. Its exceptional 9N purity confers supremely low distortion on the cable, for excellent sound.

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