Max Delissen at is back with yet another in-depth review focused on Siltech’s Classic Legend Series products as well as on selected high-end cables from Crystal Connect – by Crystal Cable. Our warm thanks and appreciation for an excellent article indeed!

“Because I had a great time reviewing the Diamond Series interconnects and CrystalConnect’s network cables, the move to Siltech would be logical on the one hand. On the other hand, it would not bring many differences. Or so I thought. After all, Siltech and CrystalConnect use the same silver/gold conductors. Well, that was slightly premature. But to not reveal the plot before the story is finished, we should first look at what is new about the G9 Siltech Classic Legend Series.” – Max Delissen,

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Both brands under International Audio Holding BV in Elst, The Netherlands have a strong global presence with high-end products distributed in 40+ countries. This year marked a milestone in Siltech’s history with Classic Legend as the best-selling range of products. As for Crystal Cable, currently known as Crystal Connect – by Crystal Cable, the brand continues to expand its product portfolio: cables, speakers, portables, electronics, and more, which not just connect the elements in your system but establish that all-important link between you and the music.