Taiwanese magazine Audio Art (issue 2019-2) features a review of Siltech’s Classic Anniversary USB cables!
Open PDF here.

Here’s are some excerpts in English:

It may come in second place [after Siltech’s Golden Universal] but no one else beats Siltech Classic Anniversary Model USB.

Siltech’s USB cable doesn’t make you hesitate very long. And with currently 4 options to choose from a triumph is a triumph. The best USB cables are here. They are gonna make you feel it. You should grab one while you can.

Classic Anniversary really makes music to your ears. It’s powerful and all-round. It’s an upgrade without any weird side effect.

Granted that there is the better Golden Universal before it, but if you are looking for a more affordable option and agree that buying a Siltech cable is a once-and-for-all solution, this is the second-best choice that can hardly be beaten. This is what you should choose.