The German online magazine has published one of the most comprehensive and in-depth reviews for our Classic Legend range. More specifically, for the Classic Legend 680 models.

We are very thankful and glad to share with all of you the full article (in German) available here.

“As a rule, legends cannot be verified. This one does. Anyone who experiences the Classic Legends will understand why Siltech has earned its reputation and rank. They excel in every discipline and are unparalleled in tonality, timbre, resolution, speed, and dynamics. The top position among the cable makers can be heard with the first power cable, and it is confirmed with every additional connector: As a family, the 680s bring my system even further. These cables are not tweaks but real instruments. Otherwise, comparable progress is achieved only with full-fledged, “real” components. It is another reason why the price-performance ratio of the Classic Legends can be called sensational.” – Uwe Steiner,


Sound quality: outstanding

Furnishing: very good

Processing: outstanding

Overall grade: outstanding