The latest in-depth review for Siltech’s Classic Legend 880 Series comes from the Dutch magazine Music Emotion. Special thanks to Werner Ero for taking the time to test and review several award-winning cables in this series: Classic Legend 880i, Classic Legend 880L, and Classic Legend 880P.

Enjoy this insightful and relevant review on Classic Legend 880 Series (available in Dutch).


Owing to their remarkably favorable prices, as well as to their quality and finish matching the current world top in mind, the three 880 models of the Siltech Classic Legend series in review score outstandingly high.

A striking fact is that the features regarding sound are considerably different from the previous Classic Anniversary series. That is because instead of pointy, opened up, and spot-on neutral, the Classic Legend models obviously follow a distinct track. They lean towards a more warm, organic, smooth, relaxed, and remarkably spacious display. 

The even lower distortional floor, peace, and silence between the notes, regularly provide new and enlightening insights into the music played, which are additional advantages. 

Without question, Siltech’s cables are very impressive and definitely worth the 12-year wait. For brute force, these are not the cables to use. However, if you value the timbre, glow, experience, refinement, and musical content, then it might be possible that these cables open up a new world for you.

In a nutshell, it is a Dutch top performance which we should not only be very proud of, but it also opens up an entirely new chapter for this leading patriotic manufacturer.