We are glad to share a new in-depth review published by U-audio in Taiwan! Warm thanks to the top professionals at u-audio.com.tw for the great consideration shown in testing and auditioning our Classic Legend 88OP high-end cable.

Siltech’s Classic Legend full range is available in Taiwan through Taifu Audio, Siltech Official Distributor.

“It is indeed the most cost-effective Siltech cable.

This time I listened to 880P and 680P was also available for comparison. It is a rare experience. If you only use it in digital sources or preamps, I think 680P is already great, but if you want to use it at a maximum power level, then the 880P will perform better. Next, if you only listen to the audio in a low dynamic range, the 680P is enough. The 880P is great – you just have to drive hard to discover that. This is like the difference between a 300-horsepower car and one with 100-horsepower. With 300 horsepower, there is no difference in traffic jams in the city. When you get on the highway, you enjoy the force and blast!

The same is true for the 880P. Equipped with a high-power rear stage, the volume is reduced, the huge sound field is compared with the powerful and real dynamics, and the delicate sound gets noticed. I would not be surprised if one would use the Royal Signature as a comparison because after listening to the 880P, you really feel like listening to Royal Signature.

No wonder Siltech affirms that Classic Legend is the most cost-effective series in their family.”

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