Siltech’s SAGA and Explorer cables are among The Absolute Sound’s Editors’ Choice awards!
(The Absolute Sound Issue #281)

Siltech SAGA Amplification System

$112,500 (preamp and two-chassis amp)

This brilliantly engineered, three-box, Class A preamplifier and 360Wpc (into 8 ohms) Class A stereo power amplifier is not just a hybrid of triode tubes and transistors; they are also a hybrid of battery power and AC power, of conventional circuitry and pure light (the SAGA uses a beam of light to bias its resistors). There has never before been anything to JV’s knowledge like the Siltech SAGA System. Nor does anything else sound like it. The tube preamp/amp for the solid-state maven, the transistor preamp/amp for the tube aficionado, the SAGA manages to combine most of the signal virtues of each amplification device into a preamp/amp with the color, dimensionality, and bloom of glass audio and the resolution, frequency extension, transient speed, low noise, and high control of solid-state. Something genuinely new and wonderful-sounding under the hi-fi sun, and co-winner of TAS’ 2013 Technology Breakthrough of the Year Award. JV, 239

Saga System - The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award

Explorer 90 I Interconnect and L Speaker Cable

$500/1m pr. interconnect; $1000/2m pr. speaker

Bringing Siltech quality and cache to an easily affordable price point makes Explorer an excellent upgrade cable for a mid-priced system. Its healthy midrange, fine articulation, and low-level reproduction make it a good deal. Dynamics and bass extension are also convincing. It could be a trifle sweeter in the treble, but few wires challenge it in this tier. NG, 226