Enjoying. Sensing. Watching. Listening. Tasting. Smelling. Dreaming. Creating. Enjoying.

Life is full of adventure.

A newborn child enters a world full of wonders.

It is up to their environment to ensure that these wonders are discovered and experienced in a beautiful, educational, and safe way.

Even before birth, babies learn by sensing their mother’s mood and hearing the outside world – music, voices, sounds. They notice tension, rest, touch, light, and movement.

Once out in the world, the great journey of discovery can begin. Children hear, see, smell, and – above all – learn.

Every day, they discover new things, acknowledge, comprehend, and develop preferences.

First in their own environment, then at school, with friends, and later on, out into the world. Each day brings beautiful experiences. Not-so-pleasant experiences come along as well, of course. 

Music, nature, family, feelings, good food, friendships, art – it all forms us.

Artistic people enjoy different art forms early in life – at an early age, they discover connections between sound, color, singing, dancing, drawing.

Many artists have a sense of multiple art forms being equally inspired and influenced by fellow artists and their works.

Nature is also a great source of inspiration – whether for visual art, music, literature, or dance.

It is always fascinating to read personal opinions, in letters or books. All of these also open our eyes to unexpected, surprising combinations and comparisons.

“Do you enjoy your work? My brush feels in my hand like the bow on the violin – so pleasant…” – writes Vincent van Gogh, to his brother in 1888.

Or Claude Monet: “I want to paint in the way a bird sings.”

And Leonardo da Vinci of course, the artist, scientist, and musician all in one: “Music should be called the sister of painting…”

In all modesty, one of our beloved pleasures also gets to be mentioned here. That is, listening to music on beautiful audio equipment. Design and beauty for the eyes, sound, and excitement for the ears, and, of course, technology to make it all possible.

A few beautiful works of art in the living room or listening room, a good book at hand, and the enjoyment can begin!

The best part is that this is entirely age-independent – young and old, diversity in everything, enjoy and dream away with the music of your choice.

Young woman with a guitar, JEAN METZINGER (1883 – 1956). Kröller-Müller Museum. Hoge Veluwe National Park in Otterlo in the Netherlands.
Violin, PABLO PICASSO (1881 – 1973). Kröller-Müller Museum. Hoge Veluwe National Park in Otterlo in the Netherlands.