How much we have missed it! Enjoying music together, exchanging views with colleagues and industry friends, delighting in the atmosphere of togetherness brought by our common hobby and work: high-end audio!
Sometimes it was too much, too often, and too tiring. Attending HiFi Shows and events somewhere else in the world every second weekend, traveling, time differences, and long days.
But now, we would have loved oh! so much to be there at the first real Audio live event after Corona – the Hong Kong show.
Always in the middle of the vacations – 1st weekend in August.
Always a race against time – just in time to finish new products, just in time to arrive for the show from our vacation destination.
But every summer a great party – fantastically organized, time after time more visitors and exhibitors, every year more international.
Impressive opening ceremony with live music, fireworks, and the gong.
And then came corona. The show was not possible last year – such an event cannot be held online, on Zoom, or in any other digital way.
We all had other things in mind – the daily routine took a different turn.
We learned a lot, had to adapt and cope with a lot – and yet we also experienced the power of music.
Music conquers all. Not only in a business sense, but also as a comfort, a connecting power, and hope for the future.

And the future is here – the very first live show went!
Local this time, no international visitors – but there was music, there were thousands of people to enjoy the celebration we hope to attend next year.
And with the Hong Kong Show, we also hope to have a pioneer, followed by many others.
High End in Munich is not until next year.
From Rocky Mountain Audio Fest we received the sad news of cancellation for 2021 – and for good…

In Bratislava, Slovakia there is a show going as we speak: Audio-Video Kino 2021!
Maybe not as large and busy as Munich High End, but it is an Audio Show in Europe!

Next week’s dealer event is in Krakow, Poland. In October there will be a similar gathering in Stockholm, Sweden.

In the Netherlands, we hope to meet again in Veldhoven, at the end of October.
Warsaw, Taipei, Chicago, Tokyo, or Miami – they will all come again. Maybe not this year and different from before – but no less fun.

Maybe even more appreciated, because we have learned that not everything can be taken for granted. Learned to be grateful to celebrate music together. To be able to see each other in person.

Let’s be open to the new reality, work together to build new bridges, new ways to spread the joy, comfort, and power of music.

Let’s cautiously hope for more and more physical experiences, listening moments, and opportunities to continue working on the connection. That’s what audio truly represents – a connection between live music and listeners’ living rooms.