It is our great pleasure to reveal that Siltech has been selected as a winner of the Hi-Fi+ Sound Investment Awards 2021. Thank you, Hi-Fi+! Warmest congratulations on the recent publication of your 200th issue!

Siltech Cables was founded in Elst in the Netherlands in 1983, with the goal of producing audio cables made using state-of-the-art metallurgical concepts. From the outset, Siltech was heavily research-based, and that research was primarily involved in studying the effects of different conductors, insulators, and construction of a cable in terms of its empirical and observed performance. And when the existing measurement equipment was incapable of resolving and helping explain audible differences, Siltech developed its own, more refined instruments. The fruits of that research were the company’s first-generation pure silver conductors, which were so well received, the company knew it was on to something. In 1992, Siltech’s CEO, Edwin Rynveld, used his own considerable engineering skills to expand the company’s portfolio of products. The rest is history!

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