HiFi Review recently published a great review on the Siltech Royal Crown series. Apart from the listening tests, the review also goes into the technology, build quality of the cables in this series and more.


Some quotes from the review:

“Single Crown speaker cable not only ensures the energy, power and richness of the mid-low frequency, but also retains the slightest change in the details of the weakest and exquisite playbacks, with sufficient upper extension on the smooth and perfect treble; the extension at both ends is strong enough to make you feel ecstatic and fall in love with it after connecting them…”

“The tenacity and changes in the details are more subtle, just like a first-class Conductors and performers who do not just play musical instruments, but devote themselves to music and melt into the instruments – enchanting performances that bond people with musical instruments…”

“Siltech’s performance is characterized by elegant details, high dynamics, high accuracy with strong sense of rhythm, and meticulous flexibility…”

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