HiFi Statement Netmagazine recently published an elaborate review on the Classic Legend 380 cables. Apart from the listening tests, the review also goes into the technology, build quality of the cables in this series and more.


Some quotes from the review:

“Understatement meets perfection – the visual and haptic appearance of the Classic Legend cables could hardly be described more aptly. Of a rather slim nature, they can be laid smoothly and do not hang dangerously tugging on the terminals of the speaker and amplifier. But once taken in hand, you immediately feel the inner stability (important for uniform characteristic impedance) as well as the truly outstanding quality of workmanship.”

“The wind instruments do not stand more or less diffusely in the room as before, but are suddenly much more clearly outlined both in terms of their size and their placement in the orchestra. Thus, the spatial representation of the recording clearly gains, not so much in absolute depth as in clarity and conciseness.”

“At quite affordable prices you get from the Siltech Classic Legend 380 series high-quality processed cables with a conductor of pure silver. Due to their flexibility, the cables are easy to install even in problematic room situations. Anyone who appreciates richness of sound color, joy of playing and dynamics, or is simply looking for very good cables, should grab here.”

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