This statement amplifier system uses radical engineering to provide an ultra-clean and powerful 350W RMS per channel into an 8-ohm load, and twice that into 4 ohms. Siltech’s Structural Amplifier Gain Architecture is a unique approach to amplifying sound and works like nothing else around.

The system comprises the C1 line-stage preamplifier, V1 voltage gain interstage amplifier, and P1 power amplifier. Line, voltage, and current gain stages have been physically separated for the lowest possible distortion and minimum signal loss. The C1 employs tubes and a battery power supply, while the V1 works with either a single P1 power amplifier, or a pair, and complements the latter’s mighty solid-state output stage.



Siltech’s widely acclaimed Explorer and Classic Legend cables go from strength to strength. The former makes the brand’s unique design expertise available to a far wider audience than would otherwise be possible, thanks to its bespoke, ultra-high purity 6N monocrystal copper conductors and twin layer Kapton-Teflon insulation. The result is a high-value, Netherlands-built cable that’s one of the finest at its price point – it’s hard not to love the sophisticated yet musical sound.

Further up the Siltech range is Classic Legend, a recently introduced mid-level cable that has won widespread critical acclaim for its high-end sound at a lower-than-expected price. It represents the culmination of over thirty years of research into conductor and insulation materials, with the result being a wonderfully natural and involving performance. Its balanced tonality, high resolution, and superb spatiality show it to be an exceptional design. This is down to the new G9 silver-gold conductors and revolutionary triple-layer high-tech insulation.



The successor to the iconic, much-loved, and multiple award-winning Royal Signature Series, Royal Crown has a super-translucent sound that is startlingly open, direct, and engaging. After years of research and development, our engineers succeeded in delivering a level of performance approaching that of our flagship Triple Crown series, but at a more accessible price point.

This new range features three main variants, which increase in performance, diameter, and price: Royal Single Crown, Royal Double Crown, and the flagship Royal Triple Crown. All feature Siltech’s pure monocrystal silver wire, while the upper two models gain pure silver connectors – except XLR. The conductors come in twisted coaxial pairs or star-quad configuration, with air-insulation and super-shielding for low capacitance. The natural hexagonal profile was previously only seen in Siltech’s Triple Crown power and da Vinci flagship products, and allows greater symmetry and better wire handling, for the lowest electro-mechanical interference.


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