LowBeats features three speaker cables from Siltech’s Classic Legend series in an extensive article published in August 2022.

Thanks to Jurgen Schroeder at lowbeats.de for testing, reviewing the 380L, the 680L, as well as the 880L cable, and sharing his valuable insight with the audiophiles’ community in Germany and abroad. Additionally, we are happy to share that LowBeats awarded each speaker cable in the Classic Legend series!

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Conclusion Siltech Classic Legend

Once again, this test makes it clear that the composition of the conductor material in audio cables has a significant impact on sound quality. Typical for the Dutch manufacturer Siltech, the three tested speaker cables from the Classic Legend series use the precious metal silver for the conductor material – to homogenize the crystalline transitions in an alloy with gold.

Precious metal naturally requires a not inconsiderable investment. In the case of the Classic Legend cables, a complete hi-fi system can be purchased. On the other hand, all three test cables convinced us of their exceptional musical performance in the listening test. Of course, this is not only due to the conductor material but also to the well-thought-out architecture and the high-quality insulation materials.

Budget-oriented hi-fi fans could therefore ask themselves whether similarly convincing sound results can be achieved with copper conductors with the same architecture and insulation – which would significantly reduce the cable price. Based on our current experience, the answer to this is clearly “no”. We do not (yet) have to provide metrological proof as to whether and why silver “makes more music” than copper. Nevertheless, we can only warmly recommend skeptics to experience this difference with their own ears at an excellent specialized dealer. Because this much is certain: for quite a few music lovers, the question of the price will quickly be put into perspective afterward – regardless of whether it is with works by Hania Rani, Hammock, Jon Hopkins, or Rammstein.

In any case, LowBeats awards the Gold Medal for Silver: The Siltech Classic Legend 880L will be the measure of all things in speaker cables in the future.

 Jurgen Schroeder, lowbeats.de