A beautiful city in southern Germany.

Nice climate, delicious food, friendly people, Bavarian coziness, the BMW factory, and a beautiful football stadium…

For many, a popular destination for a weekend get-away or a pleasant holiday.

For us audiophiles: Munich means High-End Munich.

In the past fifteen+ years, Munich has been home to the audio world for a long weekend in May, usually around Ascension Day.

It is a concept. Manufacturers plan their new product launches around Munich, trade journalists reserve that weekend far in advance, visitors book their flights, and hotels fill up months in advance.

Not only the Netherlands, but Munich is also the heart of the whole audio world during the High-End Audio Show.

From the Far East, America, Australia, the Middle East, and all over Europe, audiophiles gather to admire all the news, meet each other, and, above all, listen to music together.

And the entire audio world had to miss this spectacle during Covid.

Zoom, Skype, and other digital encounters have helped talk, do business or network without traveling.

But Munich High End is listening together, strolling room by room for four days, taking in all the news, soaking up the atmosphere – not to be replaced by online events.

We had to wait a long time. Now, it has been confirmed: Munich High-End ’22 is on!

All preparations are in full swing, with full energy and expectations.

Flights booked, presentations prepared, hordes of emails sent, restaurants booked, playlists created – almost ready to make it happen again.

It feels exciting, almost like a blind date.

How will it go?

Are face masks mandatory?

Can we finally shake hands again? Maybe even hug each other again?

Can we all enjoy together, in a room, the most beautiful presentations of the most recently developed products?

Can we endlessly dream away to the most moving music played on the most advanced systems of 2022?

Can we dine well again with fifty people in our favorite restaurant?

All open questions, but we will not wait for the answer.

We go to Munich, reminisce, make new memories, show, and see the latest products, meet old and new friends, listen to the most beautiful music and experience the magic we have missed for so long.

We hope to see and talk to many of you there!