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Greg Petan from Positive Feedback has done an amazing job in reviewing Siltech’s Classic Legend 880 series – part of the freshly launched Classic Legend Series.


Here are some snippets from the full review:

The Legend 880 does not add any identifiable tonal shift or coloration. They do not blunt or exaggerate transient response, whether it’s the highest treble or the low bass. Speaking of the low bass, the 880 really shines in cleaning up any woolliness or exaggeration without over-damping or diminishing low-end slam. Brian Bromberg’s Wood provides some excellent recorded stand-up bass, and the Legend 880 got clean out of the way. All the texture, bloom, timbre, and impact are left intact. This is a frequency range that really illustrates the 880’s vanishingly low distortion.

Ultimately, the Legend 880 are supremely neutral. Record to record production values was laid out in very stark contrast. Each recording presenting its own unique signature from the utterly natural to the compressed and muted. Near the end of this review, my good friend musician/producer/songwriter Martin John Butler stopped by with a copy of a new vinyl issue of his short-lived band Pandora’s Space Amazon from 1974. The recording is very rolled off on top and ill-defined on the very low frequencies with a very forward yet rounded vocal. Despite all the shortcomings of the recording, the Legend 880 allowed the intensity and the driving rhythm to come through and make it a pretty fun experience. Many wires would just show warts and lose the magic. The Legend 880 reveals even the smallest diamond within the rough of poor recordings. That is what I call neutrality.

I’m thrilled Siltech has landed on our shores. The Legend 880 is the tip of the spear for Siltech’s shot at the price/performance bull’s eye. The 880 indeed references level wire despite there being a few products further up the Siltech pecking order.


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