I was deeply impressed with the build quality of the Classic Legends. Closely examining each cable from one end to the other, I could find no imperfections, no gaps, no cut corners. Every cable is hand-built in the Netherlands, and it shows.

Soundstage! Global on May 10, 2021

Entering its fourth generation and enjoying its first update since 2008, the Classic Legend Series is comprised of three tiers: the 380, the 680, and the 880. There’s a speaker cable, analog interconnect, and power cable at each tier, as well as single digital (the 380D), USB (the 380 USB), and network offerings to be used across the series. There’s even a Zero Ohm Link grounding cable for analog guys, and all the usual suspects are available insofar as terminations go.”  – Hans Wetzel. Senior Contributor, SoundStage!

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