We are happy to share a great review from positive-feedback.com for our Siltech Crown Princess Interconnect cable. Thank you for testing and appreciating one of our remarkable products in the 35 Years Anniversary series!  

If there was a robust market for high-end audio cables back in 1983, I wasn’t aware of it, but that’s when Siltech joined the fray. In 2018, they commemorated 35 years with a limited edition series. It’s now 38 years! That’s a long time in any business.

The 35 Year Anniversary series is comprised of the Crown Princess interconnect, Crown Prince speaker cable, and Crown Prince power cord. They were originally released in a limited edition book-shaped box that told the Siltech story. This “book” edition has long been completely sold out but, because the cables sold well, their lifespan was extended within the Royal Signature Series.

I received a couple of runs of the Crown Princess XLR interconnect. A casual perusal reveals the IC has the kind of seriously good build quality that Siltech is known for. The materials and evident care go a little beyond the competition—even the packaging makes a favorable impression. For a company that has been in the cable business for 38 years, Siltech has really nailed the customer first impression end of it.Marshall Nack, positive-feedback.com

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