Once again, we are pleased to share a comprehensive review recently published by Audio Art Magazine, Taiwan. Our special thanks to the professionals at audionet.com.tw for the sheer attention to detail and consideration shown in auditioning Siltech’s Classic Legend 880P power cable.

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Siltech’s Classic Legend full range is available in Taiwan through Taifu Audio, Siltech Official Distributor.


Review Highlights*

The most sincere Siltech cable. Classic Legend cable is, I think, Siltech’s most sincere work in history. Not only is the conductor updated and better, but this 880P power cable also fully displays the sound quality of the G9 silver-gold alloy cable. The appearance is also completely in line with its own Royal Signature series. Players who like Siltech should have no suspense this time.

There is nothing more powerful about a Siltech cable than the fact that it always has an elegant vibe and a delicate and refined musical texture.

High-end audio is like this. There is no harm if there is no comparison. After changing the 880P power cord, I immediately found that I couldn’t go back!  The soundstage becomes more transparent and more open, and the detailed shapes and textures of the instruments are depicted vividly.

What I like most about the 880P is that it doesn’t over-enhance high-frequency performance like many silver conductor power cables, making music sound top-heavy. The 880P has a balanced distribution of the three frequencies, not only the highs are full of nobility, but also the “quality” of the lows is very good. The details are very rich and flexible.

*The highlights above are not official translations by Audio Art Magazine but made by a third party at Siltech’s request.