Siltech’s new Symphony loudspeaker project certainly garnered attention at this year’s High End Munich show! Here’s a first report by Soundstage’s Jeff Fritz:

The Siltech Symphony, still in prototype form, is a five-way floorstander that incorporates no less then 13 drivers. The enclosure is constructed of multi-layered aluminum, with the total loudspeaker weighing 550 pounds. The Symphony is comprised of three cabinets, each isolated from one another by 10mm rubies — the second best material for that job, according to designer Edwin van der Kley Rynveld (the best would be diamonds, which are cost prohibitive, obviously). The top cabinet is open to the rear and functions like a dipole — and with the listener’s choice of tweeter type: the Symphony allows the owner to switch between ribbons and domes. The bottom cabinet houses four 18” woofers for bass down to 17Hz. The Symphony is said to be completely active, with amplifiers built in for each driver set — though, uniquely, amplifier connections exist for an external power amp to effectively drive the crossover (the Symphony’s internal amplifiers are said to provide no gain, only current). Although the Symphony will operate with as few as 20W, it will reportedly handle 3000W! More information from Siltech is available that explains this unique concept further! Price is expected to be north of €400,000/pair when it comes to market later this year.